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So you’ve decided to start cycling? That’s great but you should know that there’s more to biking than just pushing pedals. There are quite a few thing you should be aware, especially if you are planning to get serious about it. With my years of experience in cycling, I can offer you with professional personal cycling coach services, regardless of your experience or performance. I can help you stay motivated and injury free, give you valuable tips and provide you with exciting and challenging routes for you to ride on, whether you are just starting or you are experienced cyclist looking to up your game.

Hi, I'm Julien. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, my services also include coaching professional athletes competing in all cycling events (road racing, speed trials and multisport competitions) and optimizing their training plan, while providing valuable insight into competitive cycling. With affordable rates, my personal training service will allow you to focus on your cycling and achieving your goals without having to worry about coming up with perfect training plan or making any mistakes.

Basic Biking

Most people know how to ride a bike. After all, we all learned it as kids. However, modern bikes intended for everyday use are a bit more complicated than kids’ bikes with training wheels. In fact, this is the area where an experienced coach like me can save you a lot of frustration and help you really enjoy biking. Finding a right cadence, learning when and how to proper shift gears and road safety are just some of the things you’ll need to learn if you are serious about making biking a part of your life. Avoid mistakes that can lead to injury or costly repairs. Not only can I help you stay safe out there while on the bike, but also I can drastically increase the enjoyment you get from bike riding.

Training plan

What is your goal? Are you preparing for a competition? Are you taking up biking to lose weight or increase endurance? Maybe you just enjoy long rides on country roads? Or you prefer adrenaline rush that comes with speeding down hill on a narrow forest trail? How much time have you got to devote to bike riding? How much is too much when you are first starting? With my help, you’ll avoid rookie mistakes like overtraining and choosing a route that isn’t right for you. With my extensive knowledge of bike paths and trails in and around Raleigh, you can learn the basics on safe, low traffic routes before you embark onto more challenging ones. I will create a training plan based on your individual goals and needs, taking into account your schedule and obligations, sustain your motivation and provide expert feedback to help you correct any deficiencies you might have.

Indoor Exercise Bikes

If the great outdoor isn’t your thing or you aren’t quite comfortable snaking through rush hour traffic on a bike, but you still want to take on cycling, or you simply don’t want to worry about the weather or wear a helmet, I can assist you with that as well. Basically, there are two options you can consider. First is to join a gym. Most people prefer this option as it lets them add great cardio exercise to their routine. Every gym’s got upright and recumbent exercise bikes which you can use, with various flywheel weights to keep you challenged regardless of your biking experience.

If you prefer cycling in the comfort of your home, while watching TV or surfing the Internet, you can purchase an indoor bike. There are some nice ones for less than $200, while the best reclined stationary bike goes for more than $1500. While initially a much bigger investment than gym membership, in the long run it will save you money.
I can provide you with coaching service whether you choose gym or home option.

Investing time and money in a personal cycling coach can be off-putting for most people, but if you are serious about making progress hiring one is the easiest and shortest way you can do it. Do it the smart way and learn from somebody else’s mistakes. With my buying assistance and individual training plan tailored to you, with achievable and measurable goals and precise timetable, you can expect to see improvement and results in a very short time. All of my training plans allow for significant flexibility to better fit cycling in your everyday life. If you have any questions or you are unsure how my services can benefit you please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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